Dear Eatontown School Community Members:

I want to take a moment to thank you for your patience due to the current situation with the many challenges that education has faced not only statewide, but nationwide. Our community has been very understanding and cooperative during these times and I wanted to extend my gratitude. It is extremely important that you ensure you are signed up for our alert system Swift911.

As you are aware, there continues to be a driver shortage nationwide. Currently, the Eatontown Board of Education runs four bus runs that we refer to as Bus 4MMS/MES, 1PS, 2PS, and 4VAN. These are not the standard home to school runs that are outsourced to our bus contractors. The mentioned bus routes are driven by our Eatontown Board of Education employees. Currently, we do not have a substitute driver available, but we are currently working on finding one. If you happen to know someone that may be interested, please have them apply for the position by contacting me at 732-935-3304 or email

In the rare case that a bus driver cannot come to work, we may need to inform you that our route will not be able to run that day. If you are able to drive your student to school that day, it would be greatly appreciated. We will make every effort to try and avoid this situation. However, in the interest of transparency we wanted to inform you in advance of this possibility for both Eatontown runs as well as the runs provided by Jay’s, Seman Tov, and Monmouth Regional.

If you have any questions, please contact me at 732-935-3304 or email Thank you for your consideration.


Cindy Carretta Transportation Coordinator

Please click here to download a PDF of this letter.