Student Registration

Kindergarten & Preschool Registration

Registration for students entering school in September of 2024 starts March 1st.

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Please review the information below before starting online registration.

Registration may also be completed in person. Please contact your school's main office for more information.

Please see Policy 5112: Entrance Age for information about ages for Kindergarten and the Preschool program.

Homeless and Displaced Students - Do You Need Assistance?

Please contact the Main Office of your child's respective school if you have any questions about the registration process.

Meadowbrook School
(Grades K-1, Preschool)

Woodmere School
(Grades 2-4, Preschool)

Margaret L. Vetter School
(Grades 5-6, Preschool)

Memorial Middle School
(Grades 7-8)

Inez Bruno
(732) 542-2777

Terri Furiato
(732) 542-3388

Cynthia Laughlin
(732) 542-4644

Aileen Woloshin
(732) 542-5013

Click here to download a full Basic Registration Packet to fill out offline (other forms may still be requested)

Click Here for Instructions on Downloading and Uploading Individual Requested Forms

Please click here to download the Registration Checklist

If you need assistance with understanding or completing these forms, or if you would prefer to pick up a packet of printed forms to complete offline, please contact your child's school.

Please review the requested registration documents below before starting registration.