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5 Grant Avenue
Eatontown, NJ 07724

Ken Dioguardi, Supervisor of Buildings & Grounds

Michael Flego, Night Custodial Manager
732.542.5013 ext. 71438

Photos of the school's building

Lead Testing Information

2022 Energy Savings Improvement Plan (ESIP) Project

Solar Panel Information

Click the links below to view the Solar Kiosks for each building in the district. Each kiosk displays the building's solar panel energy output during a specified period of time as well as lifetime production. You can view the production on a graph and also see how the weather may affect production. Finally, the kiosk will display the total energy generated by the system as an equivalent of:

  • Removing from the road the number of cars listed;

  • Powering the number of homes listed;

  • Powering the number of televisions listed;

  • Planting the number of trees listed.

Please note: The kiosks pull the most up-to-date information possible, and therefore, these pages may take extra time to load.

How Solar Works

The slideshow below explains how solar panels work to generate electricity and power our school buildings. Click on the image to pause the slideshow and read the text.

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Sun & Solar Energy: The sun produces an enormous amount of energy. The energy from the sun is produced from deep within its core, where high pressure causes over four million tons of hydrogen to be converted to helium every second through the process of nuclear fusion. In one hour, enough sunlight hits the earth to power our world for one year.