School Bus in the Sun

The New York Times - How Cash-Strapped Schools Are Benefiting From the Sun

We are proud to share that Eatontown Public Schools is in the New York Times today for our Energy Savings Improvement Plan project! This project promotes fiscal as well as environmental responsibility for our community.

From the article:

In the borough of Eatontown, N.J., Scott McCue, the school superintendent, said his district needed to replace its heating and ventilation systems in the face of losing $2.4 million in state funding over seven years. It sold $4.6 million in bonds to pay for energy upgrades like retrofitted lighting and solar installations, which will cover between 80 and 90 percent of the energy needs of school buildings as well as the cost of 26 new HVAC units, without using taxpayer funds.

Mr. McCue said the solar panels will also benefit the school curriculum. In 2020, New Jersey’s department of education adopted new standards requiring that climate change be taught in public schools. Mr. McCue said the new solar arrays will be used as on-site educational tools. “It’s a great hands-on way to teach students not just how solar energy helps the Earth and the environment, but also, if the project is done correctly, how it can also benefit the consumer directly,” he said.

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