Dear Eatontown Public Schools Community Member:

The district has been working with Rover Labs to obtain Antigen Home Tests to be distributed to adults who request them in order to help screen students or staff who may have COVID-19-like symptoms or may have been a close contact to someone who is COVID-19 positive. Eatontown Public Schools has received a few shipments of FlowFlex COVID-19 Antigen Home Tests from Rover Labs that will be made available to families who need and request them. Additional information about these home tests can be found at

Beginning Monday, September 12, 2022, these tests will be available through each school’s nurse’s office. These tests will be given to parents or staff members who are part of the Eatontown Public Schools school system. The tests will only be distributed to students and staff who learn or work in our school system. The tests will be distributed based upon need and request under the two conditions described above. Students and staff retain the ability to obtain their own testing as-needed, similar to the past, for the above situations. Since the tests have an expiration date of January 2023, the district is eager to supply these tests to those who want or need them.

As a community member, we hope you consider the value of this opportunity in the future. This testing procedure is voluntary, but it can help the district further maintain the health and safety of students and staff. This testing process will not change current protocols for quarantine, but it will help provide access to more information in order to make informed decisions both at home and at school.

Memorial School
Lucy Craig
School Nurse

Margaret L. Vetter School
Nicole DeBrango
School Nurse

Woodmere School
Mary Ellen Branin
School Nurse

Meadowbrook School
Gina Nastro
School Nurse

Thank you for your attention and consideration. This procedure is just another layer of mitigation the district is using moving forward.


Scott T. McCue
Superintendent of Schools

Please click here to download a PDF of this letter.