City Roof with Solar Panels

Dear Eatontown Public Schools Community Member:

As we approach the first day of the school year tomorrow, I wanted to provide a few updates to the school community. I hope you have had an opportunity to review my updates over the summer months as well. Welcome back!

Since the spring of 2022, the district has been working hard to implement its ESIP, or Energy Savings Improvement Plan. According to the ESIP, our schools will receive updates to their lighting as well as HVAC systems. In addition, rooftop solar panels will be installed at each of the schools. The energy savings achieved from this project will be invested in the new HVAC equipment. More specifically, the district will replace 26 rooftop HVAC units at no cost to the taxpayers.

As with any construction project, no matter how careful the planning is, delays will occur and plans will need to be readjusted along the way. Please be patient as we work through the ESIP process. As of this writing, 15 of the 26 rooftop HVAC units have been installed. The other 11 units will be replaced over winter break when the units will be available. However, the locations where these units will be installed already have working HVAC equipment. The older units will be running until the newer HVAC units arrive. These 11 units are located at Memorial School and the Administrative Offices. Another way to view the progress is Meadowbrook, Woodmere, and Margaret L. Vetter Schools all have the newer HVAC units installed as of this writing.

Although we are happy with the progress, this does not mean there will be no challenges along the way. The newer units need to be programmed and adjusted. As final installation is occurring, there could be times when rooms are cooler or warmer than expected. This is a normal part of the process. The district will try its best to keep the inconveniences to a minimum.

The solar panels will be installed later in September. Updates will be provided as needed and necessary. Please know that construction work will continue through the fall at times and locations that will not disrupt learning.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation. Although there will be some short-term inconveniences, in the long run, our heating and cooling systems will be improved, the ventilation will be improved, and the cost of this nearly $5 million project will have no impact on taxes.

If you have any questions, please contact the principal of your child’s school.


Scott T. McCue Superintendent of Schools

Please click here to download a PDF of this letter.