City Roof with Solar Panels

Eatontown Public Schools To Undergo Critical $5 Million Energy Efficiency Upgrades With No Taxpayer Impact

District to improve energy efficiency and HVAC reliability using energy savings to finance the project.

Eatontown, NJ – Beginning in the Summer of 2022, Eatontown Public Schools will begin construction as part of the Energy Savings Improvement Plan (ESIP) Project. The total cost of the ESIP Project will be approximately $5 million and will be funded through energy cost savings. This project will have absolutely no impact on taxpayers, but will lead to more efficient and reliable heating, cooling, and ventilation in all of the district’s classrooms and offices. The ESIP Project will be financed using savings in energy costs from the installation of solar panels and lighting upgrades. The money saved from these improvements will be invested in replacing all of the rooftop HVAC units in the district, which will provide new and more reliable HVAC systems and lead to further improvements of the district’s energy efficiency. Construction will take place during the summer and fall of 2022, at times when education will not be affected.

The district has entered into an agreement with SSP Architectural Group, the firm who helped the Board of Education with the selection of the Energy Savings Contractor and design of the Energy Conservation Measures included in the project. DCO Energy, LLC, has been selected as the Energy Savings Contractor, and that company has subcontracted with EACM Corp., M&M Electric, Inc., and Jersey State Energy Controls to complete the project. Additionally, the Eatontown Board of Education has contracted with HESP Solar, LLC for a 15-Year Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). The energy savings dollars associated with this agreement will contribute to the financing of the ESIP Project.

About Eatontown Public Schools

The Eatontown Public School district is a high-performing district located in central New Jersey not far from the Jersey Shore. This diverse, suburban district has one middle school and three elementary schools serving approximately 960 students in Preschool through 8th grade. The district’s vision is to develop a community of lifelong learners where children have healthy self-esteem, respect, and compassion for others, essential and technological knowledge, and the creative problem-solving skills needed to meet the challenge of successful citizenship in an ever-changing, multi-cultural, global society.