Eatontown Public Schools

Dear Eatontown School Community Member:

The district appreciates your help and support in maintaining school community health and safety during these challenging times. In order to continue to protect the health and safety of all Eatontown Public School community members, the district asks that you follow the recommendations of our local health department as well as our state and CDC officials.
Over the remainder of our school year, school community members may engage in long-distance travel. Although non-essential, long-distance travel is discouraged, the district does not have the authority to prohibit it. It is very important that school community members adhere to the quarantine recommendations if you travel to an area outside of New Jersey.  
Consequently, if you or your child travel to an area outside of New Jersey, please contact the school nurse and follow the quarantine timeline of 10 days after travel. Your child may be able to learn virtually or remotely during this time.
Lucy Craig, School Nurse
Memorial School
(732) 935-3322

Denise Caiazza, School Nurse
Margaret L. Vetter School
(732) 935-3331

Mary Ellen Branin, School Nurse
Woodmere School
 (732) 935-3344

Gina Nastro, School Nurse
Meadowbrook School
(732) 935-3338
Please review New Jersey travel information by visiting These guidelines apply to both students and staff.
Thank you for your cooperation during these unprecedented times.

Scott T. McCue
Superintendent of Schools

Please click here to download a PDF of this letter.