Eatontown Public Schools

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Please see below for some reminders on district technology:

All students in grades 1 through 8 have been assigned a device. This includes both hybrid and virtual students. Each device is assigned to a specific student and devices are never shared between students. All of our hybrid students should be taking their computer and charger back and forth, to and from school. Hybrid students should make sure they charge their device the night before they are scheduled for an in-person school day. It is strongly recommended that all full time virtual students pick up and use their assigned device for home instruction as well. If your child is a full time virtual learner and has not picked up their device, please call your child’s school to schedule a pickup time. A major part to achieving success in our current educational environment is making sure all of our students have access to the tools they need to learn virtually and access these tools in a safe and secure environment. These technology tools include access to district endorsed educational programs as well as reliable security features. The best way to achieve this goal is to have ALL of our students use their district device for ALL school related activities.

It is the district’s goal to provide district devices to all of our students. With that said, the district does not currently have the inventory needed to provide each of our preschool and kindergarten students a device. Orders were placed at the beginning of the summer to get each of our preschool and kindergarten students a device but unfortunately these have not yet been delivered. This is due to supply issues affecting educational institutions globally. We will continue to monitor this situation and as soon as we receive these devices we will send out information to our families on when they can be picked up.

The district has two outstanding Technology Specialists that are an excellent resource for troubleshooting any issues you have with district technology. Please see below for their contact information. When reaching out please make sure you contact the Technology Specialists assigned to your child’s school.

Michael Boxer 
Woodmere Elementary School 
Meadowbrook Elementary School 

 Megan Drury
Vetter Elementary School
Memorial Middle School 

 Just a reminder that student usernames and passwords are available on the Genesis Parent Portal. Thank you. 


Michael Brown
Technology Coordinator