Eatontown Public Schools

Online Learning Expectations

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Be on Time

Be in a Quiet Place

Be Prepared

Wake up early.

Eat breakfast before you log on.

Log on a few minutes before class

Find a quiet place and check your surroundings.

Make sure there are no distractions (no TV, music, or pets).    

Make sure your device is charged.

Use headphones if you have them.

Have a pencil and paper available.




Wear appropriate clothing.

Be in view of the camera.

Turn camera on.

Mute yourself when entering the room.   

Be focused, attentive, and an active participant.

Only the teacher will record the lesson.

Any students or family members recording sessions are violating district policy and procedures.

Chat Responsibly


Be Respectful

Raise your hand to speak.

Type questions in the chat.

Speak clearly and loud enough to hear.

Look up when speaking.

Stay on topic.

Use respectful language.

Be kind to others.

Remember, you are still in school even though you are home.

The Eatontown Public Schools website ( has tutorials to help with troubleshooting online learning. These resources are located under the Online Learning Information link on the website’s Menu.