Positive Rewards Gaming Center at Woodmere School

As part of a new initiative at Woodmere School this year, we wanted to reward good behavior as well as acknowledge and embrace the Social-Emotional aspect of school. All students come from a variety of backgrounds and some experience very different lives when they go home. School is a place where students come to feel safe and gain very important knowledge and learn valuable social skills. They also have to learn how to cope with tough situations, handle the workload given to them and learn responsibility. Woodmere School introduced Yoga at the beginning of the year that was led by Mrs. Corregano. She sets up the mats, plays relaxing music and teaches the students different poses and breathing techniques to manage stress and teach coping skills. It has been a great success and students have really come to love it.

The second part of our initiative is a positive behavior rewards program. With the help of staff, donations, and gifts, Woodmere School opened the doors to its brand new Positive Rewards Gaming Center on January 27th and features board games, Legos, puzzles, iPads, an XBox, a PlayStation, and a Wii. Students that display positive behavior in class receive a ticket to enter the Gaming Center. Each class has 2 periods of the week blocked off to head down if they earned a ticket. There is also an open period that is designated for students that are “caught being good” throughout the day. The students receive a golden ticket and place it in the grade level box. Each Thursday, three tickets from each grade level are chosen to go to the Game Room on Fridays for a period. So far, this has been a positive addition to our school. We have received great feedback and the students love it. They have been working very hard for tickets and we expect that to continue. As we say here at Woodmere, Game On! as long as you are a responsible student citizen.