Share your successes help build a virtual community to stay connected with other members of the Eatontown Public Schools community during school closings

Dear Parents/Guardians:

In light of the challenging new reality COVID-19 has brought, Eatontown Public Schools is determined to remain a stable, reliable presence for the children and community of Eatontown. The district is committed to providing high-quality home instruction throughout the duration of this public health-related school closure.

One of the ways to accomplish this goal is to build a strong virtual community to stay connected to others, encourage one another, and ensure we are all meeting the social and emotional needs of ourselves and our families. I would therefore like to encourage you to share photos, videos, and stories of your home instruction successes with us on the Eatontown Public School’s Facebook page and Twitter feed @EatontownSuper.

The teachers of Eatontown Public Schools are available to support students and parents throughout this remote learning period. The district’s Home Instruction Plan provides meaningful home instruction for students in various academic areas as well as project-based learning opportunities. Teachers are providing instruction through online resources such as iReady and Google Classroom, and they are also available through email and phone if extra support is needed.


As parents/guardians, your active role in your child’s education is more important now than ever before. Research has shown that children flourish in an environment that includes consistent and predictable routines, which give them a sense of security and improve their social and emotional well-being. In order to keep students learning in the face of uncertainty, this online community will help children stay motivated and continue to grow intellectually.


Again, I am asking you to help the district build a strong online community to motivate and support one another during this difficult time. I encourage you to share your success stories on Eatontown Public Schools’ Facebook and Twitter. Your success could be the inspiration another parent needs right now. Together, we can #keeplearning to keep our children on the right track for their future!


Thank you for your consideration. Be well.



Scott T. McCue
Superintendent of Schools