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Dear Parents/Guardians:

Currently, school districts across New Jersey are submitting their 2020-2021 school budgets to their Executive County Superintendents for approval. Eatontown Public Schools budget reflects a reduction in state funding of $429,000. Since the last phone and email blitz gained the attention of the Governor as well as our local state officials, about one month ago, Eatontown Public Schools is being asked one more time to rise to the challenge by the Support Our Students group.

The goal is for parents, staff, and other community members to contact Senate President Sweeney’s West Deptford Office at (856) 251-9801 by phone or use the link provided in the Senate President’s biography located at and you can click on “Contact your Legislator” to write an email. Senate President Sweeney as the leader of the NJ Senate has the ability to improve this funding situation in the future.

A sample script for the phone calls and emails could be:

  • My name is ___, I am a resident and voter in Eatontown. I am calling/emailing to express my concern and displeasure with the negative impact S2 is having on my child’s education. I am strongly asking that Senate President Sweeney and the legislature work with the Governor to take positive steps toward addressing the important issue of school funding. The time for action is here. Students are losing valuable educational programs and activities due to these cuts in state funding.
  • A plan must be developed that ensures all 1.4 million NJ public school children have access to equitable educational opportunities. Some students should not have to lose in order for other students to receive the funding they deserve.
  • Senate President Sweeney has the political clout and prowess to make this situation fair and equitable for all NJ students.
  • Eatontown has been “right-sizing” its school district over the last five years as classes have transitioned from 6 classes per grade level to 4 classes per grade level.

Please be strong, but courteous and respectful in your message. Thank you for your consideration.


Scott T. McCue

Superintendent of Schools