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Eatontown Public Schools is part of a group called SOS, or Support Our Students. Working together, SOS and Eatontown Public Schools are trying to ensure legislators and the Governor know the harmful effects S-2 legislation has on many students as well as school districts. As a quick reminder, under S-2 legislation, Eatontown Public Schools will lose over $2 million in state funding by 2024-2025.

Today and up until the Governor’s Budget Address on Tuesday, February 25th, all 97 school districts that belong to SOS are asking their school communities to call or email the Governor’s Office to express concerns regarding the S-2 cuts. The goal is to maintain a steady stream of calls and emails to the Governor’s Office. Although I understand that this takes time and effort, this is the only way change will occur. Your help and support are appreciated and vital.

Here are some talking points:

  • I am calling to express my concern with the negative impact that S-2 is having on my child’s education and urge that the Governor take positive action to address the critical issue of school funding. Action is needed now.
  • Increased state aid for districts with increased enrollment and flat state aid must continue. However, not at the expense of students in school districts where state funding has been reduced and will continue to be reduced under S-2.
  • NJ is ranked #1 in the nation for public education. This ranking will not be maintained if school districts must make steep and deep cuts to dismantle educational programs and staff in order to balance the budget deficits creating by S-2. The end result will be a net loss for students and children where S-2 cuts are being enacted.

Please consider investing 10 minutes into this process The letters, petitions, and calls are beginning to make an impact. This is not the time to be complacent. Your participation will make the difference!

Here is the contact information for the Governor’s Office:

Phone Number: (609) 292-6000

Email link:


Thank you again!