Dear Eatontown Public Schools Community Member:

As Superintendent of Schools, I am writing to you today to inform you of an important Board of Education decision that will be made in the near future. For context, in September 2016, the schools were reorganized creating a new school grade configuration where Meadowbrook School was a K-2 school, Woodmere School was designated as a 3-4 school with Preschool, and Margaret L. Vetter School was organized as a 5-6 school. Memorial School remained the same. This reorganizational plan provided for more effective and efficient educational programs for students and greater professional collaboration among staff.

In March 2021, the schools were reorganized again by moving the second grade to Woodmere School in order to support a growing free, full-day, preschool program for Eatontown residents. As of this writing, our district offers 11 preschool classrooms or provides services for 165 preschool students.

Due to needed changes in educational services and programs for students, another smaller scale reorganization of the schools has become necessary. Woodmere School has been experiencing space and crowding concerns for student programs over the last two years. Consequently, the recommendation has been made to move the sixth grade to Memorial School creating a traditional middle school environment and providing students with greater access to athletic competition, extracurricular clubs, and school activities. Meadowbrook School will remain Grades K-1 with Preschool, Woodmere School will become Grades 2-3 with Preschool, Margaret L. Vetter School will become Grades 4-5 with Preschool, and Memorial School will become Grades 6-8. Memorial School is the largest school in the district. This plan allows for appropriate space for student programs as well as continued opportunities for professional collaboration.

The Board of Education and Administration will be working together in conjunction with the school community to ensure a smooth and successful transition next school year. School times will remain the same. The change will mainly be a shift in grade level locations for grades 4 and 6 students and staff.

We look forward to the new educational possibilities and opportunities that lie ahead. If you have any questions, please contact or your school principal.

Thank you for your attention, consideration, and cooperation.


Scott T. McCue
Superintendent of Schools

Please click here to download a PDF of this letter.