Solar Eclipse April 8th - Solar eclipse glasses are available at the Eatontown Public Library for Eatontown residents!

The Solar Eclipse will be visible in Eatontown on Monday, April 8th, 2024. The area will experience 88.4% max coverage. This will not be a total solar eclipse in our area, but it is still important to be safe during this event. Do not look directly at the eclipse - it can hurt your eyes and even cause permanent damage! To find out about where and when the eclipse will take place, visit NASA's eclipse website:

On April 8th, all outdoor and after-school activities will be cancelled. 

The Eatontown Public Library will be offering solar eclipse glasses for the eclipse happening Monday, April 8, 2024. If you would like a pair, please come to the library during business hours with proof of residency. This is being offered to Eatontown residents only. Limit two per person while supplies last!

Please review the article entitled, "Everything you need to know about solar eclipse glasses before April 8th from NPR's Joe Hernandez for more information about the solar eclipse and what kind of glasses are safe to use: