Dear Parents/Guardians:

As the district approaches the middle of September, school routines and procedures are now taking shape. As part of our district goal to ensure the safety and security of all school community members, our school system practices various emergency drills in order to help protect students and staff in the event of a crisis. Practicing emergency drills regularly and routinely in conjunction with the Eatontown Police Department, First Aid, Fire Department and Office of Emergency Management, helps our schools maintain appropriate and effective safety and security guidelines as well as procedures.

During the school year, the schools will be practicing various types of drills as per state mandates and recommendations. These drills are unannounced. The purpose of this notification is to remind parents and guardians that these drills will be ongoing from time to time throughout the year. Consequently, if you happen to see students waiting outside the school or moving away from the school, it does not mean a crisis or emergency is occurring. In the event of an actual crisis or emergency, the school district would contact you at the appropriate time via, phone, email, and/or text message.

Thank you for your cooperation. We appreciate your help and understanding in helping to keep Eatontown Public Schools safe.


Scott T. McCue

Superintendent of Schools

Please click here to download a PDF of this letter.