Dear Parents/Guardians:

The effective use of technology in education and in the broader society has become an important prerequisite to academic as well as future career success. Our rapidly changing world demands that students and people possess solid technological skills in order to function successfully in both college and career. At Eatontown Public Schools, the Board of Education recognizes this fact and has taken steps to help students prepare for high school and beyond.

This year students in Preschool through 8th Grade will be provided with a device to be used throughout the school day, and all students in Grades 1 through 8 will be able to take these devices home. Students in Preschool through 4th Grade will receive a Chromebook and students in Grades 5-8 will be receiving a Windows device. Students will be assigned their own specific device that only they are permitted to use. The goal is to create an educational environment where technology is meaningfully and seamlessly integrated into the curriculum and classroom. “With great opportunity also comes great responsibility.” All students will be provided an orientation in the use of these devices at the beginning of the school year. The orientation will be conducted by our Technology Specialists, Mr. Boxer and Ms. Drury. The training will teach students how to handle the devices carefully, how to care for the devices, as well as how to appropriately use the devices in school and at home. Procedures and expectations will be made clear to all students.

Students will be expected to follow and adhere to the Board of Education Policies and Regulations regarding technology. In order to ensure that both students and parents are aware of the district’s policies and regulations regarding technology, I ask that you visit our district website and click on the Menu. Next, please find and click on the “District Policies” link under “District Information” on the Menu. Please review Policies 2361, 7523, and 5512. In addition, please review Regulation 2361. If you do not have internet access, the school will send a hard copy of the policy and regulation upon your request.

The district has a multi layered content filter system in place that filters out web pages with inappropriate content but as you know, nothing is foolproof. However, following the guidelines of our Acceptable Use Policy, students will be allowed to use the Internet in order to do research for curriculum projects or send e-mail to penpals for school distance learning projects.

In summary, students will be expected to care for and utilize district-owned devices and the internet in ways that support the educational mission of the school. If a student is found to be abusing the use of this technology in any way, consequences may be enforced by the school including but not limited to detention, suspension, loss of privileges, and/or recuperation of damages for negligent care of the technology.

We ask that after reviewing the district’s policies and regulations listed above with your child that you please sign the Policy Acknowledgement form which can be found in the Genesis Parent Portal if you have not done so already. Students will not be permitted to use the school’s Internet access or district-owned devices without a signed form on record. If you do not have Internet access, the school will send a hard copy of the policies and regulations listed above upon your request.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and support with this important educational endeavor.


Scott T. McCue

Superintendent of Schools

Please click here to download a PDF of this letter.