The last day of school is June 19th. Enjoy the summer! and don't forget to complete your summer assignments!

Please click here to access the 2023 Summer Assignments for each incoming grade level.

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Summer is here, and it is often a time when students who have made academic gains throughout the school year, slowly slip behind. As your educational partner, we have developed several key items for your child to have as resources to work on over the summer to maintain and even strengthen their skills.

On our website ( you will find the summer reading and summer math assignments. They are listed by incoming grade. For example, if your child is going to be a third-grade student in September, they should complete the third-grade assignment. If you feel the work is too challenging/frustrating for your child, please have them complete the assignment at the grade level below their intended level. Although these assignments are not mandatory to complete, we encourage your child to work on them as mastery of these skills is extremely important in order to develop a solid foundation for the upcoming school year. When we return to school in September, please have your child return the completed work to their school by Friday, September 15, 2023. Any student who completes the summer assignments will receive an incentive from the principal.

If you have any questions about either the Summer Reading or Summer Math assignments, please don’t hesitate to contact Mrs. Tiffany Boufford at or Mrs. Tara Micciulla at We hope you will encourage your son or daughter to take part in these summer activities!


Tiffany Boufford, Director of Education (Grades K-4)

Tara Micciulla, Director of Education (Grades 5-8)

Please click here to download a PDF of this letter.

Please click here to access the summer assignments.