Student Device Pick-Up Grades 1-8

Dear Parents/Guardians:

Good morning. As a reminder, parents can pick up their child's device for grades 1-8 today from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the main entrance of their child's school.

The following are a couple of clarifications based upon parent feedback: All students in grades 1 through 8 will be assigned a device. Each device is assigned to a specific student. Devices will never be shared between students. The district devices are setup with all of the software and settings needed to meet the needs of each grade level’s curriculum. In an effort to provide a consistent and similar technological learning experience for both the in-person and virtual days, all of our students should be taking their computer back and forth, to and from school.

It was very important to the district that students had the opportunity to pick up their assigned device before the beginning of school in order to make sure all students had the tools they needed for the start of school on September 8th. With that said, if for some reason you were not able to make it to your child’s school to pick up the device on the pickup days, the computer will be provided to the student the first day they are in school.

If your child is in grades 1 through 4 they will receive a Chromebook. If your child is in grades 5 through 8 your child will be receiving a Windows device. The username and password for the devices are provided on the Genesis Parent Portal. The username and password for Chromebooks are labeled Google and the username and password for Windows devices are labeled Windows. If you do not have a Genesis Parent Portal account or have not received the invite email to the Genesis Parent Portal this is most likely due to either no email being supplied during the student registration or an incorrect or old email being supplied during student registration. Please contact your child’s school’s main office to check the email address on record if you do not have access to the Genesis Parent Portal.

One very important reminder is that students should be charging their device overnight prior to any in-person days to ensure that the device is fully charged when they arrive to school and can be used throughout the in-person school day.

If your child is a virtual/remote learning only student the district still strongly encourages you to pick up a device for your child.

Thank you.


Michael Brown Technology Coordinator