A Letter from the Monmouth County Superintendents' Roundtable

We, Monmouth County school district leaders, stand firmly alongside our students and families as they peacefully express pain and indignation during this time. We condemn all acts of hatred and racism as we strive to elevate the value of human life, for self and others, regardless of color.

As educational leaders, we are charged with preparing students for life, butwe are reminded, too often, that a universal human experience is far from reality. Repeated evidence reveals that people are treated differently according to skin color, background, and circumstance. It is important that we emphasize our commitment to creating a shared belief that black lives matter. 

The loss of the lives of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and numerous others should not be in vain. Our collective outrage over these injustices must be used as a catalyst to spark the change we desperately need to see in this world. By making this statement, it is our intent to elevate the words of six-year old Gianna Floyd, George Floyd’s daughter, and to use her words as a call to action. Sitting upon her Uncle’s shoulders at a protest in Minneapolis, Gianna smiled and said, “Daddy changed the world.” Her words have resonated with us and we hope that by amplifying her voice we join with her and others in sparking the motivation and conversation needed to make change a reality.

The purpose of this message is to highlight the critical importance of social structure evaluation which leads to investing in neighborhoods, providing access to quality healthcare and education, amplifying internet and device access, maintaining food security for families, and last but not least, championing the moral imperative of social justice. Our families, schools, and communities need continued support through expanded resources and policies to improve equity and opportunity in the future. As educational leaders, this focus and energy will shape the important work that lies ahead.

We understand our responsibility to actively root-out and work against existing systemic structures in schools, that far too often marginalize students of color. We are committed to taking action during this difficult time and collaborating with one another to ensure we do our part in responding appropriately to racism, bigotry, and oppression in our schools.