Click here to download a copy of the 2020 Regular Meeting Schedule.

PLEASE TAKE NOTICE pursuant to N.J.S.A.10:4-18 of the “Open Public Meetings Act” the annual notice of meetings for the Board of Education of the Borough of Eatontown. The time date and place of the meetings are as follows: 

Regular Meeting Schedule 2020 

MonthDayTimeYearType of Meeting
January67:00 pm2020Reorganizational
January277:00 pm2020Regular
February107:00 pm2020Regular
February247:00 pm 2020 Regular
March97:00 pm2020Regular
March237:00 pm2020Regular
April137:00 pm2020Regular
April277:00 pm2020Organizational/Regular 
May117:00 pm2020Regular
May    267:00 pm2020Regular
June    87:00 pm2020Student Recognition/Regular
June     227:00 pm2020Regular
July277:00 pm2020Regular/Board Retreat
August247:00 pm2020
September    7:00 pm2020Regular
September   227:00 pm
2020 Regular
October   13 7:00 pm2020Regular
October     267:00 pm2020Regular
November    97:00 pm2020Regular
November     237:00 pm2020Regular
December    216:30 pm2020Regular
January    47:00 pm2021Reorganizational

All Regular Meetings of the Board will take place in the All-Purpose Room, Memorial School, 7 Grant Avenue, Eatontown, New Jersey. Formal Action may be taken at each meeting. The agendas to the extent known are the regular business of the Board as more fully outlined in the agenda distributed prior to or at each meeting.

Lori Youngclaus
Business Administrator