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District Events
Mon Aug 29
Eatontown Board of Education Regular Meeting, 7:00 p.m., All-Purpose Room, Memorial School, 7 Grant Avenue, Eatontown, NJ
Thu Sep 8 First Day of School for Students
  One Session Day for Students
  PM In-Service for Staff
Fri Sep 9 One Session Day for Students
  PM In-Service for Staff
Mon Sep 12 First Full Day of School
  Eatontown Board of Education Regular Meeting, 7:30 p.m., All-Purpose Room, Memorial School, 7 Grant Avenue, Eatontown, NJ
Mon Sep 26 Eatontown Board of Education Regular Meeting, 7:30 p.m., All-Purpose Room, Memorial School, 7 Grant Avenue, Eatontown, NJ

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    Preparing for the Opening of Schools- Thursday, September 8th
    It is time to begin thinking again about a new school year. Over the summer, the schools were cleaned and classrooms have begun to take shape once again. Student Placement and Transportation Letters were mailed on Wednesday, August 24th. If you have any questions regarding the information contained in the letters, please contact the Main Office of the school your child is attending. Enjoy the remaining days of summer and see you September 8th! Students please keep reading!!

    Summer Reading 2016
    The summer months are a wonderful opportunity to enrich your child's reading and writing experiences. Below are the suggested summer reading titles for your reference. Please return logs to your child's school in September. Have a great summer and keep reading!

    Summer Math 2016

    Margaret L. Vetter School Courtyard Dedication
    On June 17, 2016, a ribbon cutting ceremony was conducted in dedication of the Vetter School Courtyard. This newly upgraded area of the school has been a labor of love for the last five years. This year the Eatontown Elks in conjunction with the Memorial School Honor Society put the finishing touches on the area. The outside area will serve as a reading garden and location for many school projects in the future.

    Eatontown Public Schools Teachers of the Year honored at the February 8th Board of Education Meeting
    Mrs. Francine Densieski, Memorial School
    Ms. Michelle Bonnetti, Meadowbrook School
    Ms. Christine Santonello, Vetter School
    Mrs. Lauren Borny, Woodmere School

    L.E.A.D. Officer Ryan Hennelly Announed as L.E.A.D. Officer of the Year
    Eatontown Public Schools is proud to announce Officer Ryan Hennelly as the L.E.A.D. Officer of the Year. L.E.A.D. is the new Law Enforcement Against Drugs program which replaced the D.A.R.E. Program last year. L.E.A.D. works with local law enforcement and the educational system to provide resources and programs to communities statewide. L.E.A.D.'s goal is to engage and reach the young people of America in order to educate them about substance abuse as well as encourage them to have meaningful, purposeful discussions centered around a tested, proven curriculum. Our 6th grade students participate in L.E.A.D. each year. Officer Hennelly has been an ardent supporter of the L.E.A.D program in Eatontown for many years. Congratulations Officer Hennelly on this honor and distinction!

    A Message From the Board Negotiations Committee to the Community

    Eatontown Residents,

    The letter below was forwarded to members of the Eatontown Education Association (EEA) and explains the current status of negotiations. At present, EEA members are working with an expired collective bargaining agreement.

    Although both parties (the Board of Education and the EEA) will begin the Fact-Finding phase of the negotiations process in April, our concern is that it could go on for months with no guarantee there will be a resolution in the end. By sharing this information with the full EEA membership we could then ensure everyone has a full understanding of the key priorities raised during negotiation, as well as, a clear understanding of the proposed contract offer so each individual can knowledgeably discuss it within their organization.

    Likewise, it is our hope that by sharing this information with the public, it will answer many of the questions that Eatontown taxpayers might have, as well as, provide them with a fuller understanding of some of the material unresolved contract issues before Board.


    The Eatontown Board of Education
    Negotiation Committee

    Updated Parent Information & Resources Regarding PARCC
    Please see the updated information regarding PARCC by clicking below. There will be further updates in the future.

    Parent Information and Resources Regarding the Common Core State Standards
    Please visit the bottom of the Curriculum Page under Departments to review new information and resources regarding the Common Core State Standards.

    Eatontown Board of Education Notifies Community Regarding School Reorganization

    On Monday, November 23, 2015, the Eatontown Board of Education decided to reorganize the schools. This action will reorganize the elementary schools along grade levels. The decision of the Board creates a new organizational structure also referred to as grade-banding which will transform our elementary schools into specific grade level centers where all students at the same grade level attend the same school regardless of where they live in Eatontown. Beginning September 1, 2016, Meadowbrook School will become a K-2 school, Woodmere School will be designated as a 3-4 school, and Vetter School will be organized as a 5-6 school. Memorial School will continue to focus on grades 7-8 and our Preschool program will be housed at Woodmere School.

    The new organizational plan will provide for our district, several benefits. Most apparent is with all the grade level classes in one school, the collaboration among teachers will increase dramatically. Research does suggest that when principal and teacher collaboration increases, student achievement increases as well. The district also will be able to create equity in class sizes and provide more consistency in programs and delivery of services. In the near future, this new configuration provides the opportunity for Eatontown Public Schools to “Blend Tradition and Innovation to Drive Educational Excellence” for all students. Additional educational benefits can be found by reading the document below. Thank you for your attention and cooperation.

    Going Green
    We urge that parents visit the website for information regarding the Eatontown Public Schools. Help us go "green."

    The Eatontown School district needs your email address in order to provide parents/guardians access to all school and district notices and for grades 4 through 8 to provide a parental portal for vital academic information.

    Please pick up a form at your child's school in their main office. You don't have to do anything else. This will help us get information to parents more quickly, be environmentally and fiscally responsible by saving paper (going green) and save employee time.
    Mission Statement

    It is the mission of the Eatontown Public Schools to set high academic and social expectations for its students. By providing our students with appropriate staffing, resources, and funding, they will be able to reach these expectations and achieve the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards as well the Common Core State Standards. 

    If the Office of the Superintendent can be of service to you, please do not hesitate to call (732) 935-3323.

    Notices and Forms
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  • Math Summer Newsletter (pdf)
  • June 2016 District Newsletter (pdf)
  • Eatontown Public Library September 2016 (pdf)
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